(This works even if you have a small following on social media)

Cut out the fluff and learn quick and actionable marketing strategy that will convert your audience into clients.

Is lack of clarity and structure around your coaching business keeping you stuck?

Are you spending hours on Instagram but deep down you know you are not doing anything that will actually get you THE RIGHT clients and change your monthly income?

Are you tired of guessing how others managed to build a successful online business and you haven’t (even though you are following every single piece of advice you find online)?

Are you tired of hearing superficial information on WHAT you need to do but not really sure HOW to do it?

Don’t you want to know HOW to create content that speaks to your IDEAL client? (or even how to identify who your ideal client is)

Trying to increase visibility and get coaching clients but feeling stuck and not sure what the missing piece is? 

You want to finally see those bank numbers increasing ( and be able to set some money aside besides paying the bills)

this free training is for your if:

In this free training, you will not only learn new things but learn what to look for and what to avoid in the future. 

You FINALLY want to experience having consistent leads coming in ( you are tired of constantly hearing about it, but not experiencing it first hand)

You want the freedom that everyone talks about (but sometimes you worry you are trading your paycheck for your freedom)

marketing workshop for coaches

Stop stressing about your income and start making the difference you are here to make.


ALL OF THIS WITHIN AN HOUR. We will dive into the nitty-gritty details and SAVE you time so you can start implementing these tips RIGHT AWAY.

Learn how I grew my coaching business when I only had hundred followers ( and how I still generate the majority of my income using my SMALL Instagram audience) 

Understand the key thing that not only attracts people but motivates them to buy ( can you see your bank account changing)

Learn what the money-generating activities on social media are ( hint: it is not spending hours and hours scrolling through a hashtag section and randomly engaging with people)

Get clear on what it takes to create CONVERTING content that eliminates chasing clients through DM

Know what DEADLY mistakes NOT to make and by doing so, set yourself several steps ahead of your competition

Speed up your process of GETTING clients (it not true it takes ages)


If you are OVERWHELMED and CONFUSED on what to do next and how to stand out- is not your fault. The online world is full of DISTRACTIONS and NOISE, and it is almost impossible to know which way to go.

That’s why this training is PACKED with a value that can change the trajectory of your business in a single hour!

you can monetise your passion to teach and mentor others

I was once in your shoes, with the same struggles as you 

I'm Ružica!


I started travelling and living abroad on my own when I was 16. I was always intrigued by human behaviour and cultural differences. So different, yet so similar. 

I spent the last 11 years working as a senior for international corporations ( US, UK and Australian companies with offices all over the world). 

As a master negotiator, a skilled strategist, and long-time student of the communication game, I’m obsessed with how people talk, what makes them tick, and what they’re REALLY saying beyond their words.

Before you get worried how you will pronounce my name, don't worry. you can call me rose

you can present a speech on tedtalk stage

you can coach large organizations and large groups

You can achieve all of your goals if you take control over your life and make decisions that will influence your development


My experience working with Rose was incredible! It truly gave me knowledge and skills that will be applicable throughout the rest of my life as an entrepreneur, and even as a human being. I felt very supported throughout the entire time I worked with Rose. Rose’s methods are very clear and WILL get you results - for me, I saw results as soon as I created my first post.

Rose was the first coach I had ever invested in working with 1:1 - I naturally had my own fears and worries, but it was clear from my first call with Rose that I could put those worries to bed. I highly recommend Rose. She operates with integrity and genuine compassion for her clients and her work, and I truly had so much fun working with her!

become incredibly clear to me after the 1:1 calls"

"How I incorporate strategy into my business is something that has 

Testimonials - ClIENT LOVE

Emma B.,  Mindset Coach

Rose's knowledge about what works is rooted in outcomes not, just chasing vanity metrics. If you want to grow an engaged, loyal community full of your ideal clients that you can ultimately convert into paying clientele this is the course for you.
The wealth of knowledge I have gained in just 8 weeks is unimaginable - what I love is that it is foundational stuff.

I think there's a wealth of marketing coaches out there with get quick schemes, Rose is worlds apart from those kinda service providers. Her ability to personalise, listen and tune into the needs of her clients are what you really need, when your at a point of not being able to see the wood from the trees.

she challenged me, she listened - acutely and tailored everything to my needs."

"She just got exactly where I was, where I wanted to go & was always one step ahead of me

Testimonials - ClIENT LOVE

Caoilfhionn B.,  Mental Health Coach

She pivoted the entire presentation and made it precisely what I needed, as well as developed a customized strategy that seemed particulary just for me, which was amazing. I feel like I understand a whole wealth of what more I can create for my ideal clients as well as how I can utilize what I've already created to make life wasier for me and create content quicker. Rose is wholeheartedly vested in your interests and helping your business succeed. She has marketing intelligence and an eye for detail that is unmatched in any other coaches I have encountered. 

probably the best I have ever encountered. an eye for detail that is unmatched in any other coaches I have encountered. 

"A very astute listening ear.

Testimonials - ClIENT LOVE

Dorothy V.,  Sales & Confidence Coach

I was so impressed by the level of understanding she had about what I had to offer, even when I didn't know how to put it in words. She was very sensitive but very straightforward, supporting but challenging at the same time. The amount of value is truly impressive. I learned more with her than in any self-thought courses.

Honesty, clarity, HIGH value, sense of direction, and clear, concrete steps to take- this is what you can expect from working with Rose. 


"Clear, concise and MOST important- effective language used to convey marketing strategy.

Testimonials - ClIENT LOVE

Claudiane R., Emotions & Mindset Coach

She was able to look at all my wild ideas, and create a beautiful structure from all the chaos without making me feel boxed in like so many other coaches do. I can get too close to my business and I trust her to call my blind spots out which is such a valuable assest when growing community.

She has a gift that I hope she never takes for granted. She gave me a strategy that is so organic and aligned to what feels good to me.
Everything in my mind and heart just clicked immediately when I read the strategy format she though of. 

mind blowing genious."

"So organic and aligned to what feels good to me that makes so much freaking sense.

Testimonials - ClIENT LOVE

Michelle S., Intuitive Business Coach